What is Sweetest Day?


Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular holidays of the year, but did you know there was another day to honor your significant other called sweetest day? Conroy's Flowers Tustin loves sweetest day, because any day that reminds people to show someone that they are loved is a day we are so excited to celebrate here in Tustin, CA. Sweetest day originally was a holiday created by candy industry giants to drive candy sales. Today, this popular holiday is mostly celebrated in the north and mid-west and is a day characterized by admiring your significant other by giving them sweet gifts. When looking for a gift for your special person on sweetest day you can try to giving one of Conroy's Flowers Tustin’s beautiful Victorian Romance! Sending a heartfelt message and having your sweet receive something so unexpected is great! Call Conroy's Flowers Tustin today so we can create a beautiful arrangement for your sweet on sweetest day!

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