Planning a Beautiful Bridal Shower


Planning a wedding can be one of the most fun – and let’s be honest, sometimes the most stressful – time in a future bride’s life! Once the question is popped and the engagement is announced, it’s time to start planning! At Conroy's Flowers Tustin we meet brides, grooms, their future spouses and their bridal party in Tustin, CA all the time that are ready to start planning their bridal flowers.

A new trend we’re noticing in wedding planning is bridal shower flowers. We love making out hand-crafted flower arrangements for bridal showers because this is a fun opportunity for the bride and her bridal party to be creative without having to stick to the wedding theme or color palette. There are so many choices when it comes to picking a theme for bridal shower decorations and flowers, so we picked a few of our favorites to help you get inspired.

When you’re planning a bridal shower, it’s important to remember the whole reason everyone is there: love! Celebrating love is the best part of a wedding and we know how to do it in style: a 1920’s Classic Romance bridal shower! Shower your bride in love and gifts while surrounded with a 1920’s theme. We love a bold and romantic red, white and black color palette to complement the most bold brides. For inspiration for this bridal shower, look no further than the classic romantic flower: red roses. Our Premium Long Stem Red Roses are the essential romantic flower and the portrait of 1920’s classic romance, making them the perfect choice for a romantic bridal shower.

A wine tasting bridal shower is one of the classiest and most beautiful events that we at Conroy's Flowers Tustin have ever helped plan. A color palette centered around burgundy and deep red is the perfect way to start planning the décor for a wine tasting bridal shower. For some design inspiration, take a look at our Victorian Romance Flower Bouquet. We love how the burgundy carnations and purple dianthus take center stage creating a deep, wine colored feel to the arrangement. The deeper colored flowers are complemented perfectly with light pink and white roses, which we think is a great inspiration for a wine tasting bridal shower color palette.

Feeling inspired? We know how exciting this time is for everyone involved and at Conroy's Flowers Tustin we can’t wait to help you start planning. Our floral design experts will learn everything we can about you and your wedding plans and help you pick out the perfect bridal shower decorations and bridal flowers. Take a look at some of our pre-made ideas online or stop in our flower shop in Tustin, CA to choose fully customized flower arrangements for your big days!

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